Retail 2007

Special Features

  • Retail 2007® exports to QuickBooks
  • Bridal Registry
  • Special Orders, Layaway, and Customer Invoicing
  • Full SCreen POS Display
  • Extensive, flexible reporting capabilities
  • Built-in Store Credit feature
  • Shelf and Jewelry Labels
  • Gift Basket
  • Advanced Security
  • Customer Profiling and Mailing List

Level 1- Starter Kit

Basic Retail 2007® is an easy to use cost effective tool in your store, office, or home. The built-in tutorial will allow you to become familiar with the program using your own data at any time. This management package offers inventory control, purchase orders, back-office sales entry, management reports and the ability to print pricing labels on your office printer. As your business grows, upgrade to higher levels that will provide more advanced features, further protecting your initial investment. This kit includes 3 months of unlimited support.

Level 2 - Traditional Back Office

Level 2 RETAIL offers all the benefits of the starter kit, with enhanced customer profiling. RETAIL is designed to help you recognize the products or services your customers want the most. With Traditional Back Office, you can selectively print mailing labels according to your customers' particular interests or purchases. You could even send them a birthday or anniversary card!

Level 3 - Single User POS

Adds point of sale capabilities, bar-coding, advanced security, special orders and layaways, bridal and gift registry, gift basket, store credit processing, and register reports. Single User POS allows you to handle any imaginable Cash Register activity, including computing discounts, markdowns, special taxes, displaying customer history, customer invoicing and gift receipts. You can also print jewelry tags, removable custom labels and shelf tags with a bar-code thermal printer.

Level 4 - Multi-User POS

Multi-User POS add multiple user capabilities in a networked environment. With Multi-User POS, RETAIL provides simultaneous access from multiple workstations.

Specialty - Museum Package

Multi-User POS system with admissions analysis designed for museums or businesses with a need to provide admission receipts.

Specialty - Multi-Store Capability

Provides the ability to administer multiple stores from a central location via high-speed internet access.