Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I backup my Retail 2005/2007 data file?
    Backing up your Retail 2005/2007 data file should be done on a daily basis. A more realistic scenario is to have 7 zip disks, one for each day of the week. All disks should be labeled with date and day. You can use any external backup application to backup your data file or use the Retail 2005/2007 built-in Back Up Utility.
  2. How do I set up my Gift Card program?
    From the Update List menu:
    1. Select Charts of Accounts and create account 2071 - "Gift Cards Sold" and account 2072 - "Gift Cards Redeemed".
    2. Select Departments and create department "GC1 - G/C Sold" with sales account 2071, and department "GC2 - G/C Redeemed" with sales account 2072. Both departments should be non-taxable with a 0% markup
    3. Select Vendors and Create vendor "HSE - House Account" with department G. No other information is required.
    4. Select Inventory Item and add item. "Vendor - HSE","Code - GIFT CARD","Department - GC1" , non-taxable. Note that there is a space between GIFT and CARD. No other informtion is required.
  3. How do I sell a Gift Card?
    To sell a Gift Card from the POS and INVOICE screen:
    1. Select Vendor HSE and Item GIFT CARD.   The description "ENTER/SCAN Gift Card Number" will appear highlighted in blue.
    2. Scan the bar-code or type the code number on the back of the card and press TAB.
    3. TAB through the Qty field to accept "1".   If you are selling more than one to a customer, you must repeat this process for each card.
    4. Enter the amount of the card in the price column.
    5. Affix the appropriate sticker to the card designating its face value.
  4. How do I issue a Store Credit?
    You can only issue a Store Credit on return items. From the POS or INVOICE screen:
    1. Optional: Select a customer if you want the customer name to appear on the Store Credit Ticket.
    2. Select item that is being returned.   Remember to enter a negative quantity.
    3. Press the F9 key to cash out.
    4. From the Cash Out Screen, press the F7 key or click the "Other" button.
    5. Select Store Cred payment and press the TAB key.
    6. Enter the amount shown in the Total Amount Due and press the TAB key
    7. Press the F9 key or click the "Done" Button.
    8. Three receipts are printed.
      • The first goes in the register for end of day balancing
      • The second goes to the customer
      • The third is a receipt of the returned items
  5. How do I redeem a Store Credit?
    From the POS, INVOICE, or LAYAWAY screen:
    1. Process sale and press the F9 key.
    2. From the Cash Out Screen, press the F7 key or click the "Other" button.
    3. Select Store Cred payment and press the TAB key. Tge Store Credit Screen will appear.
    4. From the Store Credit Screen, enter the Store Credit Number and press the TAB key.
    5. If the Store Credit Value is greater than the amount due, only the Amount Due will be redeemed and a new Store Credit Ticket will be issues for the difference.
    6. Press the F9 key to process the store credit.
    7. If you are at the Cash Out Screen, press the TAB key.
    8. If there is a Balance Due, select another payment option.
    9. Finish up the transaction.
  6. How do I set up Advanced Security?
    Advanced Security is not available with the Starter Kit and Back Office versions of Retail 2005/2007. The current user must also have access to Advanced Security.
    From Update Lists:
    Creating a New User:
    1. Select Sales Associate
    2. Enter Sales Person Code and Name.
    3. Press F7 or click the Advanced Security button.
    4. The Advanced Security Screen now appears with the created user and a level 1 option.
    5. TAB to the password field and enter a password.
    6. Check off other possible options for this user.
    7. Press F9 to save the information.
    Editing a Current User:
    1. Select Advanced Security.
    2. Select a user and press the TAB key.
    3. Check off options for the user.
    4. Press F9 to save the information.
  7. How do I sign in to Retail 2005/2007?
    From the Sign On Screen:
    1. Enter your user code in the sign-on-code box and press the TAB key.
    2. Enter your password and then press F9.
    If you are getting started with Retail 2005/2007, or using a demo version:
    1. Enter the sign-on-code "SS".
    2. Enter the password "password".
    Retail 2005/2007 sign-on screens: The first time you sign in to Retail 2005/2007, the Setup Terminal Screen appears.
    1. Start Kit and Back Office Screen
    2. Single User Pos Screen
    3. Multi-User Pos Screen
  8. Can I look up my transaction during the day?
    Yes. Retail 2005/2007 has a built-in Electronic Register. This enables you to electronically display the days receipts for that register.
    From the Pos or Invoice Screen:
    1. Press F7.
    2. Highlight Display Tape and press the TAB key.
  9. How do I set Retail 2005/2007 to print multiple copies of each receipt?
    From the Pos, Invoice, or Layaway Screens:
    1. Press F7.
    2. Select Print Instruction and press the TAB key.
    3. The Print Instructions Screen will appear.
    4. You can choose to print multiple copies just this time or set it to print at all times.
    5. Setting multiple copies in the Pos receipts also sets multiple copies for invoices, layaways, and special orders.
    6. Press F9 to finish.
  10. When should I post my sales?
    Sales should be posted regularly at the end of the day or at the start of the day when all users are signed out from Retail 2005/2007. It should be done on a daily basis.
  11. Why are some options on the Retail 2005/2007 screen menu disabled?
    The disabled options are not part of your Retail 2005/2007 option packages.
  12. Why can't I see all the options in the Retail 2005/2007 screen menu?
    If you are a Single User POS or Multi-User POS, you likely do not have access to those areas.
  13. How can I get the latest Revision to Retail 2005/2007?
    The latest revision to Retail 2005/2007 is available to all clients who currently have a support contract. You can contact us to obtain the newest revisions.
  14. Why do I get the message "Cannot find working folder"?
    The "Cannot find working folder" message is displayed when the file the shortcut points to is not available.
    1. The Network is down.
    2. The Server is off.
    1. Verify all cables are connected.
    2. Verify that all hubs and cards are working.
    3. Verify the Server is on.
    4. Map the correct Network Drive.
  15. How do I set up my receipt printer?
    Before starting, make sure your Retail 2005/2007 CD is in the drive and hold the SHIFT key for about 30 seconds to disable AutoRun.
    1. Click "Start".
    2. Click "Settings".
    3. Click "Printers".
    You should now be in the Windows™ printers folder.
    1. Click "Add Printer".
    2. On the screen that asks for Manufacturer name and printer name, click the "Have Disk" button
    3. You will be prompted with the A drive. Select "Browse", then select your CD drive letter where it says drives.
    4. Click on the "Star" folder.
      1. If your receipt printer is a Star TSP552 or a Star SP300 AND your operating system is Windows 98, select the "POS" folder.
      2. If you do not meet the above criteria, select the folder corresponding to your printer and operating system.
    5. Select your printer from the list provided. Make sure it says receipt and not ticket, then click "Next".
    6. Select the printer port and then click "Next".
    7. Enter "Retail2005/2007 receipt Printer" for Retail 2005/2007.
    8. For options: Select "No" and click "Next".
    9. Select "Yes" for a test page and click "Finish".
    The driver installation will start. You may get a prompt looking for "UNIDRV.HLP" file on your Windows CD. Where it says "copy file from":
    1. Click the "Arrow" down and select properties.
    2. Click on the "Paper" tab.
    3. For paper size, click "Custom".
    4. For length, enter 8071 and click "Ok".
    5. For paper source, select cash drawer 1 & 2.
    6. Click on the "Unprintable area" button and set all values to 0.
    7. Click "Ok".
    8. Click "Apply".
    9. Click "Ok".

    SP300 Settings

    To adjust printing with the Star SP300 receipt printer in Retail 2005/2007, verify or modify the properties for the receipt printer as noted below. You may need to acquire and install the drivers for the SP212(Receipt) printer first, which is located on the installation CD.

    1. Select the Details tab.
    2. Where it shows "Print with the following driver", it should read Star SP212(Receipt).
    3. If it does not, Click "New Driver".
      1. Click "Yes"
      2. Select "Star" from the Manufacturers list.
      3. Select "Star SP212(Receipt) from the Models list.
      4. Click "Ok".
    4. Select the Paper tab.
    5. Double-click on Custom under "Paper Size".
    6. Width should be set to the maximum of 299.
    7. Length should be set to 7585.
    8. Click Ok.
    9. Click the "Unprintable area" button.
    10. Set Left and Right to 150.
    11. Set Top and Bottom to 0.
    12. Click "Ok".
    13. Click "Apply".
    14. Click "Ok".
  16. How do I set up my blaster printer?
  17. How do I do Year End procedures for DOS program?
  18. How do I do Year End procedures for the Retail 2007 program?